New to working on business strategy?

The thinking that sits behind your strategy and the decisions you make are the most important aspects. It is all too easy to focus on the process and not the content.

There is no escaping the fact that good strategies rely on good thinking. So to build the potential of your business and of yourself you need to practice thinking strategically about it and making judgements based upon your observations. whois When you write those observations and judgements down you can return to them later. This process of review will improve your strategic capabilities.

A reasonably comprehensive structure or hierarchy for a business strategy follows the flow of decision making in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Mission (principled goals) – How you see your vision being delivered.

Vision – the important challenge that you have decided to address and your ideal response to it. Your level of ambition & personal values are the emphasis here.

Strategy – your innovative, specific response to your vision and the critical challenges involved in achieving it. This is the framework within which you will make decisions and allocate resources.

Aims – the specific set of directions you are choosing to take, for a given period of time, that are coherent with your strategy.

Objectives – the decisions that you have decided to implement as being your preferred means of reaching your aims given the resources and knowledge available.

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A new strategy for Tesco?

Jay Rayner published an excellent interview with Philip Clarke of Tesco recently (click here to view). This interest in being interviewed is a significant change from Tesco’s historical approach to communications through the media. And, incidentally, a change that they flagged in their unprecedented apology over the Horsemeat scandal. After a few days of remaining quiet on the subject Tesco ran full page adverts across all of the main newspapers and through the social media networks. This was followed by the presentation in February to the farming industry during which they declared their intent to make a significant change to their sourcing approach. Emphasising instead their relationships with the UK farming industry rather than emphasising the price of the commodity alone.

At the time Philip Kendall of the NFU described this as a paradigm shift. Not a position I agreed with and I made this clear when we both interviewed on BBC Radio 4‘s Today programme about it. For a paradigm to have shifted the NFU members would need to have addressed the challenges and the opportunities of the changes in the marketplace themselves. There is as yet no sign that they will do this.

Tesco however are clearly putting their comittment behind a new business strategy; and one which they intend to execute with the elegance of focus that they applied to their previous approach. Tesco have recognised the significant changes in the agricultural and food supply chain business environments world-wide. They aspire to be well placed to exploit the outcomes of increased investment into the technology operating within that supply chain. They have listened to their Customers and to their surprise the Customers were not completely impressed. They are signalling clearly and consistently their change in direction.

During the early stages of the Horsemeat scandal I had the opportunity to informally discuss the impact of the change of leadership from Terry Learhy to Philip Clarke. Our discussion highlighted three reasons that I feel Tesco will continue to succeed. One, the quality and comittment of their senior staff. new websites Two, under Mr Clarke the senior leadership teams now share a common forum for discussion. The false silos between business units (store formats) have been removed ensuring visibility across the company at senior level. The impact of this potential for internal collaboration could be seen in their approach to handling the Horsemeat scandal. Three, within the last few years they have acquired ownership of the firm responsible for aggregating customer data. They are in the very early stages of  exploiting the potential of this.

What is not yet clear is how they will explicitly deliver this strategy and the impact it will have upon the wider food supply chain.